Just some notes to friends

Baked Chicken with whole onion Carmelized into a Bloom!

First I want to say Thank You to all my friends who called and emailed today!

It was a busy one on the phone.  I went for a morning walk then hit the hot tub.  For those who know me well, this is a daily ritual (the coffee and hot tub part) the walking is new.  I did actually work on the computer today and then spent some time in the sparkling pool and watching golfers.  I decided roast chicken would be the center of my meal tonight with a baked onion and a little mushroom risotto.  It came out great!

Roast chicken & onion with risotto

Roast chicken & onion with risotto

It started with 2 Chicken breasts seasoned with S&P and some McCormick’s chicken seasoning.  The onion is peeled, bottom and top cut off, then sliced into eighths.  about 1 1/2 tablespoons of butter cut into small pieces and stuffed into the onion and then I sprinkled it with beef bouillon.  Here it is ready to go into the oven in a cooking bag.  (I wanted to limit the cleanup tonight)

Chicken & Onion

Chicken & Onion

And you have to try this risotto I picked up at Sprouts!

Lundberg Ristto from Sprouts

Lundberg Risotto from Sprouts

This was Wonderful!  Dessert will have to wait until tomorrow (after the long walk of course).  I am finishing the day listening t Razor’s game on internet radio.   


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