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New Juicing Page! Carrot,celery and cucumber Juice

Juicing to stay healthy is so easy and good for you.

I decided to add a page to this blog about Juicing.  I flat love it and don’t do it enough myself.  So I thought if I am writing about it, I will stay on track and do it!  It is so good for you and it is also so easy to grab a bagel and run out the door rather than treat yourself.  Don’t get me wrong I am all about the bagel except juicing is so much better!  Here is my morning juice recipe which I got from Dr. Sanda  Cabot’s Book “The Liver Cleansing Diet” you can find it here. This juice is great for energy and when I am faithful it takes the place of my morning coffee (really!) because of the boost of energy I feel!

Morning Juice

3 carrots, 3 stalks celery, 1/2 peeled cucumber

Juicer ready to go
Juicer ready to go

Now here is the hottest tip I can give yous since the biggest complaint I hear for NOT juicing is the cleanup.  Notice the plastic bag in the pulp bucket?  Yeah that is it!  It is great because it all of the pulp ends up in the bag , a great use for those grocery store bags!

Notice the Bag?
Notice the Bag?

Here is the Juice!!  It is sweet and you can add half an apple a handful of parsley (the book calls for it but I am out).

Carrot celery and cucumber
Carrot celery and cucumber

According to the book, Nutritional benefits include  vitamins B,C  and beta-carotene and calcium among others.  Always remember to drink 8 plus glasses of water per day!  No excuses now!  Cleanup is a snap with use of your shopping bags (I really like the one from the produce department!)


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