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Bountiful Baskets Co-op Was amazing this Saturday!

The Bounty!!!

Most Saturday mornings, promptly at 7:00am you will find me in line to pick up my fruits and vegetables from the designated pick-up spot which happens to be less than 1 mile from my home.  Order your basket on Monday from the website , then come Saturday morning you have all of the fresh fruit and vegetables for the week!!!   The also have a great Facebook page

This was a great week!   Not disappointed at all!  Here is a shot from my Breakfast table after I unloaded this morning.  Make sure you bring your own containers to take everything home in.  I use 2 of those fabric grocery bags, and some times they are heavy!  Look at their site as they are in many States and always looking for volunteers to start new locations!

Saturday Morning Bounty!

The Price????  $15.00  plus $1.50 handling fee!!!!  You cannot touch that price at the Market and it is all fresh from local farmers!!

Here is the list:

5 Banana’s
2 Mango
1 Cantaloupe
6oz Blackberry’s
5 Apples
4 Organic Tomato’s
2 Heirloom Tomato’s
2 Heads Green Leaf Lettuce
2 1lb Packages Carrots
7 Anaheim Chili Peppers
6 Green Bell Peppers
6 Ears Yellow Corn
1 8oz Package  Mushrooms

Now For some Close-ups!  This really is the best way to get the Freshest Produce!!!

From Left to Right

Center Picture

Far Right End

Thank you Kelley for telling me about this!!  We have been ordering ever since and we just plan meals around what we get.  I can see “Stuffed Peppers”, “Chicken with Mushroom Sauce” and of course some “Green Chili Enchiladas” in the menu this week!!


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