Just some notes to friends

First shot with my new Nikon Lens 35mm f/18G

Miss Abby

Maybe not very happy about me following her around and snapping pictures, but she really is a ham!  My regular lens which came with the camera met it’s final fate with the streets of San Francisco.  Yes it hit the pavement.   I have been in denial that it would just work one of these days but reality has set in.  I do believe the guy at Best Buy gave me some good advice, my old lens was crap.  So now I am off to get some more test shots!

109 today! And a view from the pool

I think I like this lens!


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Another trip to see Razor & the Lake Elsinore Storm

We had a great time at Cross Creek Golf Course in Temecula.

Tee time was 9:00am and the fishing stared around 10:30…you heard on the golf course.  That is Razor.  One of the only people I know who always carry a fishing pole in the golf bag.  On the 9th he landed 4 bass before his putt.

Yes that is Bass number 1

Yes that is Bass number 1

Left for the Foursome behind us

Left for the Foursome behind us

At the Diving Range

At the Diving Range

As always, alot of fun

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Abby welcoming me home

After my little stint in the hospital last night I cam home to my little Abby waiting for me.  It was nice to be home.  Thank you to Jo & Carol and of course Amy for your wonderful friendship!  You guys are truly great people!

My little Abby

My little Abby

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I could not resist taking this picture

This appears to be Abby’s favorite place to nap during the day after Razor has been home.

This is the antique barbers chair that we fondly call “The Power Chair”

Abby at nap time

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