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Sprouts! Grow your own on your kitchen counter

This is the finished “crop” after just 5 days!  I started the second jar after the 3rd day so I could keep them in stock in the refrigerator.  So far we have had them on a Wedge Salad (added amazing flavor), Ground Sirloin Burgers (will never eat one without the sprouts again) and a Turkey and Cheese Spinach Wrap (YUM!)

You only need a few supplies like these to grow your Sprouts:

The gorgeous Jar, I found at TJ Max Home goods Store for $3.99.  I bought two!  Then I went on an internet mission and of course landed on  The Sprout Screen (which I recommend) is the best.  It was $3.50.   I also purchased the green sprout cap (plastic) and did not like it.  So now I have ordered 3 more of the Stainless Sprout Screen.  The Spouting seeds are a Salad Blend for $14.50 the seed blend contains Alfalfa, Radish, Broccoli and Clover.  I love it!  You can taste the radish and it really spices up the salad or anything you use it with.

Sprouts Growing

Start with 2 Tablespoons of seeds, add to jar, secure screen in lid and rinse several times with water.  Fill jar 1/2 way with water and set on counter overnight.   Drain water off and rinse 3 times and drain all water out.  Lay jar on its side at an angle as in the above picture on the counter.  My jar is sitting in a salad bowl.  I live in Arizona so my kitchen is full off sunlight, so make sure you do have some natural light near.  Rinse 2-3 times a day filling and shaking the container to make sure they are well rinsed then place back on its side to drain and grow!  By the 4th or 5th day, your jar should be packed!

Ready to eat!

The Sprouts are ready to harvest!  Just grab a big mixing bowl and pull all of the sprouts from the jar and fill the bowl with fresh water.  Swish them around a bit and the hulls will float to the top.  I used both a small strainer and a big spoon the skim them off.  You may need to do this twice (I did).  The drain well and repack your jar and secure with a solid lid (the ones they come with 🙂  And you are ready to eat them!!  Here is a Turkey Spinach Wrap  I made for lunch featuring the sprouts! The wedge salad last night was terrific as well just added the sprouts on top of the dressing before the salad was served.  It got rave reviews from the home front.  You can add sprouts to just about anything including soups and on top of pasta salad (I am doing this next).  Get creative!!


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Italian Caprese Wrap with Fresh Basil, Tomato and Prociutto

This Wrap is so easy to prepare and it fulfilled my craving for a Fresh Caprese Salad and and Sandwich at the same time!

We have harvested some of our Roma Tomato’s from the plant that is producing like crazy.  Some people do not believe that you can grow Tomato’s in containers, but honestly here in Arizona where is is hotter than normal it is nice to move them around  for the best mix of sun and shade.  The one plant has produced at least 25 Roma’s since we we brought it home 1 month ago from..Costco!  Yes, Costco had big plants and this one came home with us.

Sliced and chopped ready to go

The Basil plants (3 of them) are also going crazy.  I have them in the shade and use the fresh leaves every other day it seems.  As I was assembling the Wrap, I decided to roll the leaves together and slice into thin strips, worked out perfect!

Layered and drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil for a wonderful Finish

 The flour tortilla was warmed on a non-stick skillet for about 2 to 3 minutes per side over medium heat, then layered the filling in this order:  Fresh thinly sliced Mozzarella, Prosciutto, (I used 3 slices), Chopped Roma Tomato’s (3), then about 6 Basil leaves rolled and thinly sliced.  Drizzle some Balsamic Vinegar and I misted some olive oil over the top.  Fold like Burrito and cut in half.

Just Sliced!

Just Sliced

Now you can share….or like me,  I ate the whole thing!!!

Caprese Wrap

Flour Tortilla
Fresh Mozzarella Cheese 4-5 thin slices
5-6 Fresh Basil Leaves
3 Medium sized Roma tomato’s Chopped
3 Slices Prosciutto Ham
Splash of Balsamic Vinegar
Spray Olive Oil

Now Follow the Pictures!!!

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Caprese Salad just perfect for a hot August afternoon

A fresh Caprese Salad and a glass of Chardonnay make a perfect pair!

Caprese Salad

I ventured out to Sprouts and picked up some fresh Mozzarella cheese and plump Roma Tomatoes, was just rounding the corner and there was the Live Basil  plants.  The meal was in the making before I left the store!

I put the Mozzarella in the freezer for about 20 minutes before I sliced it for the Salad, it was just firm enough.   Then sliced the Tomato and plucked some fresh Basil.  Just layer it and drizzle some extra virgin olive oil, a little Balsamic Vinegar and finally some salt and pepper.  Pure Heaven!!!

Freash Basil

Caprese Ready to Eat!

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Ever ordered the “China Coast Chicken Salad” from the Islands?

This Chinese Chicken Salad  is my version of  The Islands Restaurant ” China Coast Chicken Salad”   My favorite on the menu! The dressing is egg free.

I am constantly searching for my favorite recipes on the Internet to make at home.  If  I can not find one I study the dish and read a ton of recipes until I figure out the ingredients (or get close).  I have merged a couple of recipes to come up with this salad which is my all time favorite!

Chinese Chicken Salad with Mandrin Oranges

Chinese Chicken Salad with Mandarin Oranges

I searched the Internet and came up with several salad mixtures with crunchy cabbage and other veggies but there was not one that had it the way I like it at The Islands Restaurant.   I came up with this list:

For the Chinese Salad

1/2 Head Cabbage
1/2 Head Iceberg  Lettuce
3-4 chopped Green Onions including most of the green tops
1 cucumber peeled and chopped
3 Stalks of Celery chopped
1 Large Carrot shredder or chopped
1 Can Sliced Water Chestnuts
1 15oz Can of Mandarin Oranges, drained
1 Package of Ramen Noodles

Shredded  Chicken
Cooked  (You can use a Rotisserie Chicken from the market)

I chopped and sliced all of the above ingredients and put in large bowl to refrigerate while I make the dressing.

Chinese Chicken Salad with Dressing

Chinese Chicken Salad with Dressing

The Dressing I wanted to taste like the  “China Coast” salad at the Islands so I found here at this Web Blog

I had to modify the recipe to make it “Egg Free”.  You can make it the way it is posted on the web site( Click the link above)   Here is the way I adapted the recipe to be egg free and also what I had in the fridge!

Like the China Coast Dressing but Egg Free

1/3 Cup Yogurt
1/4 cup Marie’s Honey Mustard Dressing (in the produce section)
4 Tbsp Rice Vinegar
2 Tbsp Sesame oil
1 Tbsp Soy Sauce
1/4 Garlic Powder
Whisk the above ingredients in a small bowl and refrigerate for about an hour.   Break the Ramen noodles into small pieces and place on foil sheet in the oven at 350 for about 5 minutes (keep an I on them) to brown  a little (helps make them crunchy) and assemble the salad.  I keep the salad separate from the chicken, and the noodles and dressing in their containers to keep everything fresh and not soggy.

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