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Ham, Salami and Three Cheese Wrap

Ham and Salami Wrap

There is nothing like a fresh tortilla wrap!  You know the kind, the tortilla is so fresh and soft and all the ingredients just come together.   Well this is one of them.  I started with a new package of Spinach Tortilla’s from Mission.  Spread some whipped cream cheese and lightly sprinkle some Italian Herbs over it.   Then dice a little green or red pepper and 1 medium or 2 small Roma Tomato’s.

The first steps

Now for the layering part.  Add a few leaves of leaf lettuce, 2 slices of Havarti and 2 slices of American cheese over that.  Place thin sliced Salami and roughly chopped slices of Deli Ham over the top.

Now you are ready for the finish!   On top of the Ham I used some Marie’s Creamy Italian Parmesan in the Vegetable section, which is my new favorite and it really seemed to work here.  Check this out!

Ready for our wrap

And then roll up tight in wax paper, this holds it together in case you have it really stuffed.  The slice it in half and share with someone special!  I did and he loved it.  I asked what he liked best and he said “it was so soft and fresh!”  Just what I wanted to hear.  He is not usually a cream cheese fan and did not even know it was there other than to say it was Delicious!!!


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