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Hear is my first entry of this book journal

Loitering with Intent by Suart woods

Loitering with Intent by Suart woods

Here is the front cover of Stuart Woods current Stone Barrington Novel “Loitering with Intent”.

It was an entertaining book as is all of Stone Barrington’s adventures are.  Stone and Dino head to Key West and what starts as a small  job turns into to a murder plot.  Stuart Woods is a very entertaining author who is easy to read.  He has short chapters so you can reference to your spot if reading on the fly as I do sometimes.  If you are a fan of Mystery, detective and murder with the bad guys getting caught and the good guy prevailing, you will enjoy this book.  Here is a link to the author’s web site for more info:

James Patterson RUn for your Life

James Patterson RUn for your Life

Just started this book tonight.. I love James Patterson and read the latest Woman’s mystery series last week and loved it.

Lee Childs "Gone Tomorrow
Lee Child’s “Gone Tomorrow

This was another good read from Lee Child’s!  I love Jack Reacher!  He is the Al American Hero who I would love to see rooming the streets today!

I went through this quickly, reading late at night when I should have been sleeping.  A lot of twists in unexpected area’s.  I can’t wait for the next one!

I attached the review from

Editorial Reviews Review
Book Description
New York City. Two in the morning. A subway car heading uptown. Jack Reacher, plus five other passengers. Four are okay. The fifth isn’t.

In the next few tense seconds Reacher will make a choice–and trigger an electrifying chain of events in this gritty, gripping masterwork of suspense by #1 New York Times bestseller Lee Child.

Susan Mark was the fifth passenger. She had a lonely heart, an estranged son, and a big secret. Reacher, working with a woman cop and a host of shadowy feds, wants to know just how big a hole Susan Mark was in, how many lives had already been twisted before hers, and what danger is looming around him now.

Because a race has begun through the streets of Manhattan in a maze crowded with violent, skilled soldiers on all sides of a shadow war. Susan Mark’s plain little life was critical to dozens of others in Washington, California, Afghanistan . . . from a former Delta Force operator now running for the U.S. Senate, to a beautiful young woman with a fantastic story to tell–and to a host of others who have just one thing in common: They’re all lying to Reacher. A little. A lot. Or maybe just enough to get him killed.

In a novel that slams through one hairpin surprise after another, Lee Child unleashes a thriller that spans three decades and gnaws at the heart of America . . . and for Jack Reacher, a man who trusts no one and likes it that way, it’s a mystery with only one answer–the kind that comes when you finally get face-to-face and look your worst enemy in the eye.

J.A. Jance    Fire and Ice


Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

I really enjoyed this book as it features Joanna Brady and Beaumont and it was a fast read.   A friend of mine happened to be at a Book reading  by J.A.  Jance and purchased a signed copy which she loaned me to read.   It seams with her books I read into the night when I should be sleeping, they are hard to put down and this book was the same.  If you are a Mystery fan you will not be disappointed.

Michael Connelly  “The Scarecrow”

The Scare Crow

The Scare Crow

Another great novel by Michael Connely with Jack McEvoy the reporter from the L.A. Times and Rachel Walling  together in this fast paced and hard to put down thriller.  Remember the “Poet”?  Well they are together again with murder and mystery that brings them together again.  Very good and I cannot wait until his next book due out this October!

Harlen Coben is one of my favorites!!  Here is the lasted read from him.:

Harlen Coben, Darkest Fear


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